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Basic Guide to Commercial Roof Care

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Basic Guide to Commercial Roof Care

On commercial properties a roof is a sizable investment. It is the protection for the entire building from the intense sunlight, powerful rains, and freezing snowstorms. Keeping a roof up to standards and maintenance is no easy task and requires participation from the owner. The owners must be able to detect when there is a risk to their commercial roof and contact an experienced local roofing company as soon as the time is appropriate.

This is a  basic guide to commercial roof repair for property owners.


Creating a schedule

One of the most important parts of maintaining a commercial roof is to make a schedule and to keep it. There are near-universal recommendations for when and how to have roofs inspected. There are simple lookovers that anyone can do to make sure there is no outside physical damage to a roof. For example it’s quite easy to look around to spot possible overhanging trees and branches, build-ups of snow or water, or other things that are known to damage roofs. This is a great early warning signal that you might need to call a professional roofer even before the damage has set in. Getting these things done at regular intervals is vital. 


Commercial Roof Inspections

Inspections are possibly the single greatest preventative action you can take. By having a skilled commercial roofing company come at the right time, you can eliminate so much of the stress and worry that comes along with a  damaged roof. For commercial roofs especially they should be checking the ventilation system, gutters, outer coating, inner deck and so much more. Especially in places like Boston with cold winters, having your roof inspected before and after the winter seasons can save so much money down the road.


Commercial Roof Repairs

For all roofs but especially on commercial buildings, getting repairs done at the proper time cannot be overstated. We have seen so many restaurants, warehouses, and shopping centers that had a small damaged section, in a seemingly unimportant place so it was pushed off. Then the problem grew, leading to a more expensive repair, resulting in no benefits or savings whatsoever. This is always a mistake and a risk to the infrastructure of the building, and a risk to the patrons. 


Knowing your roof warranty

For all large investments especially a roof it is important to know what are the terms of the warranty. It is possible that many roofing products are only under warranty when they are properly maintained. If inspections and maintenance are neglected you could be on the hook for the full costs.


Hire an experienced local roofing company

Hiring a local roofing company is a key element in keeping and maintaining a roof. Local roofing companies know the city, the climate, and the risk that affects local commercial roofs. These vary from city to city and often are affected by the construction of the building as well. Building a relationship with and having a roofer you can ask questions to, who is available for the inspection is one of the best steps to take the keep your commercial roof in tiptop shape.



If you need an inspection, repair or replacement of your commercial roof in Boston, MA call your local roofing company who has proudly been serving the community for years: SS Roofing Boston. 2315 Washington St #613, Boston, MA 02119.  (617) 313-7775


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