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How To Install Metal Roofing Over Shingles


How To Install Metal Roofing Over Shingles

Let’s face it; you need a new roof. You have put off the idea for years, patching here and there, replacing a few shingles, but it still leaks. Finally, you can’t keep up, and you’re gunning for a new roof, what are your options? Are you still going to stick with the same conventional shingles, or are you going to opt for a more aesthetic and durable roofing material?

Why Install Metal Roofing Instead Of Shingles

Some years back, you may be asking why you should put a metal roof on your house when it probably makes loud noises when it rains. But driving around a neighborhood, you noticed an unusual roof. After taking a mental journey to all the roofing types that you know, you realized that this roof looked like nothing you’ve seen before. Imagine how surprised and astonished you’ll be to learn that the roof is metal.

Every year, thousands of homes in Boston gets to be re-roofed. Before now, most people will readily go with the ordinary asphalt shingles, but in recent times, with the numerous too good to be ignored pros of metal roofing material over other roofing materials, many Boston homeowners are now having a rethink.

Truth be told, conventional shingles don’t always last as long as the manufacturers say it will. Under extreme heat, cold, or wind, these roofing materials become a thorn in the flesh for homeowners. If you don’t want to replace your roof so often, then the metal roofing is the deal. Installing a new metal roof may be the last roof you’ll ever buy as its life expectancy goes as far as fifty years! How old will you be in the next fifty years?

Metal roofs are also available in attractive varieties, giving you a comprehensive option of roofing that complements the structure of your house. Most metal roofs are treated with a special paint that reflects a tremendous amount of sun rays, saving you money in your utility bills.

If you think that a metal roof is not so eco-friendly, you may need to have a rethink. Aside from its unmatched strength and durability, metal roofs can be recycled,unlike the shingles that end up in landfills every year.

Can Metal Roofing Be Installed Over Shingles?

Okay, you have a shingle roof, but you desire to install a new roof. If installing corrugated metal sheets is your choice roofing material, do you necessarily have to tear off the old shingles before installing the new roof? Of course not. You don’t have to tear off your old shingles before installing a new metal roof. You can install your metal roof over the old shingles.

Metal roofing material weighs much less than most roofing products, including the asphalt shingles. This makes it easier to install a new metal roof over your old asphalt shingles. This can save you a lot of bucks and time that could have gone in tearing off your old roofing. However, before you proceed with this, you may have to check the building codes in your area.

Now that you know that you can actually install your new metal roof over your old shingles, the next question would be the how?

Long before now, roofing installation used to be the business of solely roofing experts, but thanks to the advent of the internet, you can easily find a guide on how to do basically anything.

If you’re wondering how to install a new metal roof over your old shingles, here is all you need to know.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Measure Your Roof

Using the measuring tape, get the accurate measurement of your roof. Measure the length and width of each section and multiply it to get your sectional area. Then, add all the sectional area to get the total area of your roof. With accurate measurement, you can easily determine the amount of metal material that will be enough for the roofing project. When you measure, measure your roof from the lowest point to the higher point. Sound knowledge on how to measure and calculate your roof will always come handy here.

After measuring your roof, take your measurement to a local metal roof dealer or manufacturer and purchase the right amount of sheets you’ll need for the roofing. As metal roofing comes in varieties; colors and designs, carefully select the material that will enhance your home’s architecture.

  1. Attach Your Roofing Felt

Roofing felt acts as a protective layer for the roof. Make sure you lay the roofing felt over the entire roof.

  1. Place The Metal Sheets

Attach the metal sheets, starting from the top to the bottom, from side to side. The screws, which are for fastening the metal sheets, should be applied to the wood slats.

Ensure that each sheet overlaps the last one by 2 inches. Keep the edges straight. When you get to the edge, cut the last metal sheets in such a way that it’s slightly beyond the edge.

  1. Install The Flashing

When the sheets are fully applied over the whole roof, attach the flashings. The roof flashing helps to make the roof leak proof.

After attaching the flashing, take your time and inspect your work again. Make sure all areas are adequately covered. Once you’re done, you have every reason to be proud of your work.


All things considered, metal roofing is far superior to the traditional shingles. It is also easier to install. Metal roofing materials are available in varieties. The steps above covers how to install the standard metal roofing over shingles. Always ask the metal roof supplier or dealer for advice or manufacturer’s instruction on how to install their particular product.

Remember, your roof is one of the essential aspects of your house. Take your time and do it correctly. Don’t rush the job. SS Roofing Boston are experts in all kinds of roofing. Contact us today at 553 Prospect Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215 (646)-838-0441 https://ssroofingboston.com/ for more info.

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