You can’t underplay the role of your roofing structure. So when the time comes for any roofing job, from roof replacement, repairs, maintenance, or installation, when you require any of these, you should be able to find a few reputable roofing companies near where you live.

However, not all roofing companies are equal. The quality of service delivery is subjective to each company. So when you need to fix your roof, you will have to settle for the best roofer. Understanding all you need to know about roofing can help you choose the right roofing company near you.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Roofing Company

The roof is always one of the most integral parts of the house. As such, you must be meticulous in handling anything about the roof. As long as your roof is concerned, hiring the finest roofing company is the best way to go. The right local roofer will install your roof in the best possible way to cancel any installation issues that may arise soon. Below are some reasons why you must hire the best roofing contractor.


As much as it is applaudable to attempt a DIY, you can’t deny that it is very risky. A professional roofer always has the right safety gear and training to complete the project without accidents.

Saves time and money

Entrusting your roofing project to a professional roofing contractor is quite a very cost-effective approach. The project will be completed faster without any drop in quality of work.


Your local roofing contractor knows way more about the pros and cons of roofing materials than you do. They can easily get the best from suppliers, with a good warranty.

Experience and skill

The seasoned roofing contractors near you are experts in the roofing business. They have years of experience under their belt, and they are well acquainted with different roofing projects.

Guide To Hiring The Right Roofing Company Near You

First things first, your needs.

The first thing you will have to do before hiring a professional roofer is to assess your needs. You have to know what exactly to expect from the job. Know what your roofing problem is. If you’re dealing with an immediate problem, if it’s partial or complete damage. Or whether it’s just a roof repair or replacement job. If you need installation, you’ve to settle with a roofing contractor(s) with high skill and vast installation experience.

Your choice of roofing material will also influence your choice of a roofing company. If it’s a metal roofing, you must look for a roofer with specialized metal roofing skill set. It would be best to consider all these options before starting the journey of hiring a roofing company.


Before any other important detail, you need to consider accessibility. Find a company that is near you. One that you can easily contact through phone, online, or you can easily work to the office. Talk to their customer service and request for quotes or in house consultation, and drop your queries. This will save you more time and effort from going to their office. Also, visit the roofer’s website. How updated and professional is the site?

There are many scams out there. The best way to avoid them is to choose a local contractor. With a local company, you can easily confirm the authenticity by checking their physical business address and validating their licensing.


Experience answers the question of “how long have you been in business?” and “how much knowledge do you have about roof repairs or installations?”The experience comes as a guarantee that he can deliver excellent results while committing little to no mistakes. If there’s any roofing challenge that you are facing, the roofer should be able to fix it, using the best products available in the market and applying the right techniques.

Reviews And Feedback

You may have to ask for any available references that you can talk to. Speaking to references will always give you more insight. You may also have to see the aesthetic value of the work yourself.

Also, explore the contractor’s customer reviews. Are they positive or negative? Reviews and feedback’s, mostly available online, can put you on the right track of selecting the right roofing company. Although the reviews are sometimes bought, and most times, only the positive ones will be allowed to stay. Whichever is, you’ll still get a glimpse of what to expect. You can also source people’s opinions through your social media platform. People will always suggest their experience or what they hear from other people. Nevertheless, the information will always be crucial.

Customer Service

As you consider the reviews and complaints, you need to find out how they respond to complaints. The right roofing company near you should have an approachable and knowledgeable customer service team that can easily assist and educate any customer. This team will always leave a good impression on every potential client. They should also be in-tune with the roofing industry trends and offer a valuable piece of advice.

License, Insurance, And Warranty

Although it may seem a little too obvious that the local roofer is licensed, that’s not always the case. Make sure that the roofer is properly licensed. Also, ask for proof of insurance. The roofing company’s insurance must cover all their crew and any possible damage to your home.

Lastly, get to know what warranties are available. Ask about them and have copies of all the warranties applicable. An excellent roofing company offers warranties. Some may offer a free repair service while others will provide great discount services. A reputable roofing company will always offer a warranty and provide you with the documents.

Before signing any contract, review the documents and also ensure that you get a fixed price. When you select the right roofing company, you’re making your home safer. Take your time and choose wisely. Contact us at 553 Prospect Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215 (646)-838-0441 for the best roofing project and advice.

Is it better to DIY, or hire a professional? Thousands of Americans ask themselves this question daily. We hope to answer this common age old question in the article below. Of course, the answer partially lies in your level of expertise, but for the average handyman, this article will be a great help.

A flat roof, as opposed to a sloped roof, is a category of rooftops in which the level of the roof is almost horizontal. The roofs are constructed in a way to keep the angle as level as possible. There is a large number of homes and commercial buildings that opt for flat roofing structures as they help in providing a subtler and more elegant look. This type of roofing allows the roof space to be used as per the need of the residents. In most cases, the flat roof is used as a living space or a living room.

As to the question, whether you should do your flat roof yourself or hire professionals, we can analyze the issue by enlisting the potential problems that can arise as a result of the faulty installation of a flat roof.

The major problems associated with flat roofing:

Leaks and moisture – This is probably the most common problem with flat roofs. Leaks and lingering moisture issues are a result of improper installation and construction of the flat roofs. Just like any other roof, over the course of time, a flat roof will develop leaks, but because its surface is flat, the water is not drained as it does not have anywhere. As a result, the water goes straight down. This results in moisture seeping into the roof itself and causing problems that may, in turn, lead to mold and fungus and paint and structural damage. To ensure this from not happening, manufacturers make it a point of making the flat roof not completely flat and having a secondary roof pitch. The pitch is the slope of a tent, and flat roofs have a pitch of up to approximately 10°. The slight slope exists to provide a gradient for drainage to the water, but if not maintained well, it can also result in problems.

Buckle in the membrane:

Similar to its alternative shingled roofs, flat roofs are constructed essentially made up of a membrane soaked in asphalt, after which they are laid across the top of the building to make the roof. However, unlike shingled roofs, the membrane on a flat roof is all one piece. Excessive movement and lack of expertise can cause damage in that asphalt membrane, which can result in the reduction of your extended roof life. Over the course of time, this can result in a buckled roof which is not safe to live under. If you search online for “buckled flat roofing on Brooklyn Brown-stoner” you will see a lot of pictures of this disastrous product of faulty labor. Although historically NY has been the mecca of flat exteriors over the last few decades, Boston has been catching up with the trend at a rapid pace.

Pooling water:

As discussed previously, if the flat roof is not given a certain amount of pitch, it will result in a lack of water drainage and may cause water to pool in divots and dips in your roof. If pooling water is allowed to linger, it will eventually deteriorate the exterior of your roof and damage its structural integrity, shortening the lifetime of the flat roof. This is why a proper pitch (slope gradient) needs to give to the roof, one significant enough to prevent water pooling and not so significant enough to ruin the aesthetic nature of the flat roof.

Debris Accumulation:

Another problem associated with the lack of expertise in installing a flat roof is a collection of debris. This problem, again, stems from the absence or lack of a slope that allows leaves, branches, and other debris to collect more easily on a flat roof and block drainage. Furthermore, a big uncleared pile of leaves can hold moisture that can freeze, unfreeze, and then refreeze throughout the winter. This cycle can be damaging for the roof underneath.

Considering all of the above problems that can arise due to an absence of expertise and skill in installing the roof, it is best suited that one should always hire professionals for installing a flat roof. This will decrease the potential risk of installation errors and faults.

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